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Originally posted by Scooter:
It's a shame this has to happen just as (in my opinion)the fans were starting to come back.


Therein lies the major issue here. The fans were back!!! So...efforts should have been started to get this done A LONG TIME AGO; to avoid having ANOTHER lockout, especially during a "bad economy", when people are not making all that much $$$ and/or needing work. My heart does not break for millionaires (on either side of this debate).

Let's not take sides for a moment.
Let's just try to remember the games that we've watched on TV. Were there any hockey rinks there were only 25% full? 50% full?
I remember some mid-season Islander and Devil games not being well-attended, but other than those games I didn't notice league-wide empty arenas. Did you?

So here's my question:
If the majority of the rinks are 75%-100% sold out + merchandising and concession sales and the owners are still claiming LOSSES....

Why are they and how COULD they be handing out these multi-million dollar multi-year contracts???

This just doesn't add up, in my mind.


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