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Originally posted by PG67:
Originally posted by Double R:
I get the distinct impression that Kreider will be sent down, based on his play so far and by the things that Tortorella is saying. Whatever happens, I hope Kreider gets his game back to the level that we saw in the playoffs because this kid has some serious talent and can be a huge asset to this team.

Yeah, the fact that Torts is even talking about that possibility with the media, tells me the decision's already been made.

True, Torts considers those things private matters. I don't hate the idea of sending Kreider down for a period of time and playing a guy like Segal, who Torts seemed to like, because Segal will bring a little more of that sandpaper that the Rangers lost in the offseason. Maybe this Benn Ferriero who the Rangers just acquired for Chad Kolarik will get a shot.

Not sure how much this will help Kreider though. Wasn't he playing in the AHL during the lockout? So I'm not sure what another few weeks in the AHL will do for him.

Kreider is very talented though, and we saw how he produced last playoffs. I have a hard time believing that he will not be on the Rangers roster later this season. He can be a difference maker and you need guys like that to win a cup.
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